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"We have included Robin to several of our health fairs.  She provided therapeutic massage for participants, visiting agencies and volunteers.  She did an excellent job:  professional, caring and fun.  Her services at our health fairs have become so popular that several agencies who regularly support the fairs are requesting that Robin be a part of them.   We are grateful that she clears her schedule to attend and look forward to inviting her back in the future."

Fairmont Presbyterian Church, Health Ministries Team  Kettering, Ohio

"Before coming to Robin, I had shooting pains in my foot and my back was very tense, tight and painful.  With Robin's help and her use of a combined treatment of massage and Reiki, the pain in my foot is rarely there and I am able to be on my feet in the classroom with much greater ease.  She does a very good job of finding and releasing the spots where I hold stress and I feel like a new person.  Going to her is time well spent."


Kettering, Ohio

"My wife has Parkinson's Disease.  The massages she receives from Robin are the only things that relax her and relieve stress brought on by her fear of falling due to the progression of her condition."


Miamisburg, Ohio

"I have osteo-arthritis and have had days when I could hardly walk due to foot and leg pain.  Robin finds the trigger points and relieves the pain.  She has also shown me techniques to help myself between massages.  Since Robin has been working with me, I am more flexible and able to walk with less pain.  For one event she got me through 8 hours on my feet.  I highly recommend her."


Kettering, Ohio

"I have been using Robin as my massage therapist for the last several years.  Not only is Robin a multi-skilled massage therapist but she is also a great person with an exceptional calming and gentle presence.  Robin always remembers the
specific issues with my body.  She knows exactly how to focus in on the “right” areas.  I also find that even though I’ve gone to Robin for some time, she doesn’t take anything for granted and checks in with me before beginning the massage, inquiring about how I’m doing, asking if there any new areas or different areas that need special attention.  I like the way she also checks in with me during the massage.  The massage room and physical surroundings are clean and organized and very soothing.  Robin maintains a nice facility.  Robin is reliable and when I telephone for an appointment, she always gets back to me promptly. She attempts to accommodate my business schedule.  I am so fortunate I found Robin and I highly recommend her to you!"

Audrey, Business Owner

Centerville, Ohio

"I carry stress in my neck and shoulders. At one point, the stress build-up was so intense that I was unable to turn my head to one side without intense pain. I went to a couple massage therapists who were unable to help me out with this problem. I then contacted Robin Albright. Robin's experience and expertise worked wonders because she was able to massage and manipulate the appropriate muscles so that I was able to turn my head from side-to-side! I highly recommend Robin as a massage therapist! I know she can work wonders for you, too!'   


Beavercreek, Ohio

"Robin's massage skills are excellent.  I have been to two other massage therapists, but much prefer Robin's touch and intuitiveness.  One is immediately at peace when entering her massage room, which has beautiful soothing colors, aroma and sounds.  Her knowledge of anatomy assists her in helping the client with ongoing issues.  Her gentle words soothe and aid in letting go of the stress and anxiety."     


New Lebanon, Ohio

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